The Ultimate Summer All Nighter

Welcome to this summer all-nighter! I am so tired right now okay it's 221 in the morning before I start this video is sponsored by ha mr. I love Foster I always love working with them because when I was younger holster was my favorite store and I could tell my 13 year old self that I was working with holster they would be very excited so it's always a pleasure these jeans are from there this whole outfits actually from there so yeah thank you also for sponsoring today's video link in the description to shop their jean Kollection and all their other fun stuff i think the cameras crooked it's 2:30 a.m. I'm exhausted but we're just getting started alright we are just getting started I used to frequently pull all-nighters I'm talking about like once a week minimum when I used to pull all-nighters it was always for either school or work of some sort like I was always trying to finish a task and that's why I was pulling an all-nighter but he was like never fun but I wanted to have a fun all-nighter today we're gonna be pulling an all-nighter but we're gonna be doing the most fun and epic all-nighter day has ever happened and it's happening right now now that I sleep a good eight hours well let's not let's that's generous now that I sleep a nice 16 hours a night I know you don't pull all-nighters anymore I have no tolerance for saying it like it's 2:00 a.m. and I'm I've lost my personality I don't even know who I am anymore and this is gonna be tough but it's not this is supposed to be fun saving the Turtles let's talk like I consider myself a night owl I don't really think I'm like a morning person I am a morning person when I wake up but like usually I don't wake up so I Zoomers of marine business i like nighttime i like the vibe of nighttime I like how nobody's around I like how the world feels like it feels like a different world you feel I give the world to yourself at night do you know what I mean and I like that my goal is I want to stay awake until the Sun comes up there's a lot of things that are open 24 hours so like I'm gonna check all that shit out tonight hopefully I explained that well because if I didn't that's all the explaining guys are getting for today me you all-nighter summer 2019 not to mention I haven't done shit this summer it has not felt like summer for one fucking second this entire summer but silly I'm ready to feel some summer vibes okay okay where are we off to you know I kind of want to check some things off the bucket list there's like a few places I've always wanted to go but I've like never had a reason to go to them one of them is this doughnut slash coffee shop called Winchell's I don't know why I'm so infatuated by this doughnut shop but I Drive past it all the time it's open 24 hours and I never have a reason to in there because there's just no reason to go in there I'm not really the biggest fan of doughnuts but they probably have something in there I get to eat like oh maybe I'll get a doughnut fuck it being in stores or restaurants that are open 24 hours at night it's like a whole new level of what am i fucking talking about I'm literally losing my mind restaurants and stores that are open 24 hours have one of the most unique vibes and feelings that exists and I love it's insane to me how vacant the roads are right now like you will never see this in LA at any other time there's one car one human being Oh okay I actually really like the energy in there it was really calm really relaxed I got my donut and I got myself a nice hot black coffee let's try out the coffee see if it's any good burn my tongue way too bad not bad you know I wanted to sit in there and kind of enjoy myself you know and enjoy the environment but there's a few people in there having some sort of meeting and I'm not gonna lie it kind of intimidated me because I was like okay it's 3:00 and why are these people having a meeting inside of this donut shop at 3:00 I'm like something about it felt weird so I wanted to get out I want to go to a few tourist stops in LA that I normally don't get to go to because they're normally too busy one of them being the legendary pink wall now if you don't know what the legendary pink wall is basically in Los Angeles there is this wall called the pink wall a lot of tourists take photos in front of it when they're in LA because it has good lighting and it's like cute cuz it's like a pink mural so it's very popular getting from one place to another at this hour is too easy I want to hate this I want to hate it but it tastes so good fuck well would you look at where we are it's the pink wall baby okay so I'm here and I don't really know what to do now that I'm here also I can hear the crickets listen well now they were at the pink wall let's let's party I don't even know like I might literally get the police called on me I don't think I'm supposed to have a skateboard out here I don't care pink wall we had fun I do love being outside alone right now they're like wow okay the pink wall was very fun and very exciting because you know I got to see the pink wall in a rare form I want to do more activities like that so guess what we're going next Rodeo Drive Rodeo Drive is where all of the high-end stores are in Los Angeles like there's like they're all on one row I tend to avoid the area but it is 3:30 a.m. and I have nothing to lose so we're going it would be so convenient if half the world was awake only at night and half the earth and half the population was only allowed to be awake during the day if I run for president that will be my selling Quinn and I probably won't get elected how does Rodeo Drive literally look so beautiful at night let's get out of the car this is weirdly so serene like okay it's 3:00 a.m. but it's like super bright out it like this is something I like this is such a weird feeling like I'm really enjoying this you know next time I'm having a mental breakdown I'm going to bring a friend here and I'm going to talk it out with them while walking around on Rodeo Drive why am I like having the best time okay I don't know what the point of that was I did it because I can so every time I burp it tastes like donut I'm not complaining I think I get used to this this is gonna be my new nighttime hangout spot oh my god not to mention the weather is so amazing right now it's like a perfect 70 degrees beautiful we're off to our next place okay I need a few things I need water and I need chapstick I'm pretty sure Rite Aid is open 24 hours so we could go run into a Rite Aid one of my favorite things to do this is very off-topic but one of my favorite things to do while on vacation is go to either Rite Aid or Target or Walmart or one of those places and just go shopping for shit I don't need I haven't been on vacation in a while though and let me tell you do I need a drink comment down below where I should go we're on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles I don't know why I keep saying we're in Los Angeles obviously we're in fucking Los Angeles I'm definitely being wary right now of my surroundings okay to say the least what am I in here for again I need water and I need chapstick water and chapstick hey guys six cents right at all I got a smart water oh I got the wait they literally forgot to take off the fucking what am I supposed to do with these I got two chopsticks oh nice this one's very vanilla cocoa butter flavor that could be yummy oh that is a nice smell this one's great too I actually like both of those chopsticks equally so holy shit I'm tired okay I only have like an hour and a half left until the Sun comes up I've done a lot of shit this whole thing has actually been pretty fun I'm definitely ready to go to sleep I mean as I should be I'm glad that I'm tired because it means that my all-nighter days are over cause like I used to be able to pull an all-nighter with ease and now I can't so that's good okay so I'm actually at the grocery store right now because here's the thing grocery shopping is a fucking pain in the ass in LA the lines are way too long it's so much it's so exhausting it's literally 4:30 a.m. right now if people are grocery shopping right now that's insane although I'm exhausted and like grocery shopping doesn't really sound too appealing for me right now I feel like it would be a productive thing to do let's just get it over with okay I'm actually really glad I got to do this because I'd rather do this one it's not busy than when it is busy so I would do it again for sure I really did have a fun time I'm not gonna lie I enjoyed myself I had a great time I thought it was AI think that this whole experience has been absolutely awesome and I've had a lot of fun but I can taste my bed raisins have been really getting into tea like drinking tea which is weird cuz I'm like the coffee you know like everybody knows me for like coffee but recently I've been really liking tea so I didn't to make myself some tea right now while I wait for the Sun to come up I use this detox tea because I think it helps me poop so yeah it's good I think it's good also I like to put lemon juice in it I think putting lemon in your tea makes it taste way better as you can see it's 5:35 the Sun is gonna start coming up in 15-20 minutes and I'm literally just gonna stand here until it does so I fucking did it sadly there's not a beautiful sunrise right now because it's fucking foggy it's 6:00 a.m. we did it I got to spend some quality time with myself which I've been needing recently actually I've been kind of lonely recently but it was still nice I got to check out some fun shit cross some things off my bucket list I'd recommend you try it out if you want if it seems fun to you pull it on later with your friends for you know that's good summer activity I need to go to bed really bad so thank you for watching cheers to you thank you to Hollister for sponsoring this video in creating these jeans I love them and they are a great color try to make sure you're drinking water and sleeping seven hours is the golden spot right there and I love you very much thank you for hanging out with me 6 a.m. I love you guys alright peace I'm gonna go the fuck to bed [Music]