Having Fun By Myself

hi good morning I have to fart I'm not going to do it though I've been farting too much of my videos and then people have been commenting that I have bad manners but I don't have bad manners I just have gas it's summer oh my god no summer is like almost over which is terrifying because I feel like I haven't been living it up this summer like I did the summers in the past I've gone on no trips I've barely gone to the beach like I've barely done anything summery and it's making me so sad because I was looking forward to summer for months then it came around and then I was like booop I don't want to do anything everyone in my life has busy lives okay which is great for them but it's kind of sad for me because if I want to like do summer activities you know everyone's busy and shit I'm taking it upon myself to have a fun summer day by myself I think it's really important to be able to have fun days by yourself when I used to live at home I used to be really great at that I could literally go fucking hang out by myself I can hang out by myself for a week straight and not be sad whereas now I'm like I'm more reliant on other people okay this is this like therapy session why am I like just talking about my feelings right now since I've moved to LA I feel like I've been more like dependent on other people like I don't like to do things by myself as much and I'm trying to become more independent again because I was more independent when I was like 15 now I'm like always like oh little people I don't want to be running so fuck that we're having a fucking summarize data and it's gonna be amazing so I just got back from SoulCycle as you can tell by my bitch ass leggings that literally say la on them if you guys didn't think la changed me before look at these fucking leggings today we're gonna go to the beach but first I need a snack recently I've been obsessed with plums I don't know what it is but plums are so good not all these are plums there are some other fruits in here as well like this is like the nectarine maybe it's actually going bad I think but plums dude they're in season in there fucking wait I need a napkin they are so good these are crazy oh why are they so good the only problem is I can eat like 40 of these in one sitting like I once they start I cannot stop with healthy food it's never like I want to be eating it like I've never like excited about eating it but like with plums Wow Wow I ate my snack I have my coffee now let's go to the beach before we go to the beach let me tell you about one thing I got a GoPro so that I could record myself while at the beach I'm gonna be like this in the ocean it's gonna be amazing okay let's go to the beach [Music] we are on our way to the beach it is fucking it's a hundred degrees sitting fun little thing that I'm mentioning I'm gonna mention the more I'm in the Sun the better my skin gets okay it's not a myth it's not a joke it's the truth like if I go to the beach multiple times in a week which never happens when it does happen my skin gets so good I feel at home now I cannot stop wearing huge glasses I was just driving and then I drove past this place they had this like stand that said coffee and avocado toast I was like oh I'm going cuz I'm actually hungry I didn't eat enough food and I'm gonna be in the ocean for a while so I needed I need a solid meal before we go out into the ocean so let's go I also need more coffee [Music] I'm gonna this so good I'm back in the cars and I can actually speech because I couldn't speak when I was at that little cafe because um there was people around and they were all like older women and I felt like I was being judged so number one that avocado toast was easily the best abakan it has I've ever had in my entire life that shit was so good the whole cafe itself was inside of like a steel van and it was so fucking cute so that's my new favorite place anyway I need to get in the water it's way too fucking hot today it's so hot I can't stop sweating ah okay that was really nice you know it--and a little bit I'd be boarded a little bit going to the beach by yourself it's fun because you know you gotta get to like do your own thing and relax and like talk to random people you don't know and shit like that's fun right I was a little bit nervous being on the beach by myself like I just felt nervous I felt like I was being judged and to be completely honest I was I didn't wear my shoes out to the beach because I'm wearing tennis shoes so I didn't wear shoes on to the beach and the sand was literally 400 degrees it was so hot I was burning my feet really bad so as I was running down the beach every like a few seconds I'd have to throw my boogie board onto the ground and jump on doing I looked really fucking stupid in a whole group of teens were staring at me and laughing at me as I was doing this I immediately felt not welcome at the beach but the water felt amazing overall good day good day good summer day I feel tan not really I look the exact same I feel like I need to stop drinking coffee as much during the day cuz it's like bad for my health umm and it's making me sleep like shit but I really want to get another fills right now and there's a fills kind of near me do I go or not I don't know or maybe I try a new place although I think we've learned that branching out doesn't work for me I think we're gonna go to okay we'll go we'll get okay we're gonna get caught recently I've been a really bad ever and I thought I would tell you guys about what that's been like for me so the other day I was at a stoplight and I was behind a Dodge car I was behind a car okay we were at the stoplight for so long that I put down this thing and I started popping my blackheads in the little mirror thing on the on whatever this thing is called so I accidentally rolled into the car in front of me and tapped their bumper I felt terrible honestly because I'm just an idiot and I like didn't realize I mean it was like not bad I mean no one was hurt or anything but it was just me being stupid my foot wasn't fully on the brakes so I'm an idiot and then yesterday I'm driving and the cop just pulls me over out of nowhere and it's just like you're not being at the driver I was like why he was like you're in the middle of two lanes at once and I was like this cop shouldn't have pulled me over I wasn't doing anything wrong there was like a car in my way so I couldn't like fully like being in the lane I needed to be in like it wasn't my phone told me quote unquote you're driving like you don't know how to drive it hurt my feelings well the story is I've been a bad driver recently I thought I would just share that with you guys okay let's get coffee now third of the day not stopping anytime soon if I ever like go missing or die it's probably because of like some sort of caffeine induced overdose I just saw on Twitter that its national self-care day and if anyone is doing that today it's me I think I want to raise my kids by a beach when I'm older so that they can be good at surfing and be like really tans coffee time around 7:00 [Music] okay I'm going home I'm home I'm gonna make myself some tea I took a shower I took a little nap it's time to like start winding down I am kind of turning into a grandma so I've been going to bed early I went to bed 11:30 last night I'm drinking tea I don't know what my issue is I also can't stop eating plums like when I got home I ate literally ten more plums like I'm running out I want to eat more but I think that it's making my stomach hurt I'm only gonna let myself be ten per day recently I've been eating like 20 plums knowing that I'm getting a visa coconut guys it's summer this is this is summer right here oh fuck it's still hot yeah I give up I don't even like do I even like tea I don't know why I keep drinking what better way to end the day a summer day than with a little bit of skateboarding I'm so cool you know I wanted to kind of call it a night I was like you know it's 8:45 I'm tired I want to kind of just start winding down but fuck that we're gonna go skate why does that always happen when I film fuck I thought I wasn't gonna fart in this fear okay tanned off the day we're gonna skateboard on this roof that I just found I've never heat farting okay I've never been up here before and I just found it and it's like really a nice roof and no one's up here and hopefully I'm allowed to be up here okay you know what I fun skating was fun I guess but I'm going to go to bed because you know what it's nine o'clock yeah I'm kind of done with the day I've been going to bed early recently I'm gonna go have another cup of tea hit the hay do it all again tomorrow thank you guys for watching I hope you had a fun time I definitely did that was a good day for me I had a great day and yeah here's the summer bitches I love you guys peace out [Music]